Arrival to Budapest by plane

Flying to Budapest

Budget airlines flying from European cities: EasyJet, Eurowings, Ryanair, Transavia, Wizz Air

Travelling directly to Tokaj

You can either
...take the Crescendo Bus*, or
...go to the nearest train station and get on an IC intercity train to Tokaj. Click here for details
...go to Budapest Keleti Raiway Station and get on an IC train to Tokaj. Click here for details

* PLEASE NOTE: Crescendo Bus is not a regular bus line, instead it is a shuttle organised by CSI. Therefore it has a pre-set schedule, and needs to be booked beforehand.

Travelling to the city center

These are the options to get to the city center:
... BKK Public transport shuttle bus no.100E (900 HUF, tickets can be bought from purple coloured vending machines at the bus stop or at BKK Customer Center at the Airport Terminal.)
... Flibco Shuttle to the Keleti Station (from 9€, you might consider booking in advance) or
... MiniBUD Shuttle door-to-door service (from 16€, you might consider booking in advance) or
... FŐTAXI to the Keleti Station (about 6600 to 8000 HUF, service desk at the entrance of terminal. Please make sure you take no other cab than FŐTAXI, beacuse others may cheat you by taking you at a much higher rate.)

Suggestions for your return journey

You are not advised to try to catch a flight earlier than 10:00 am on Monday, the last day of the CSI.  The night trains are slow and you will be happier if you can enjoy the closing festivities and not have to leave at 4:00 am. Please check our Crescendo Bus timetable and the train schedules to make sure you can make it to the Airport in time.