CSI Board has made a decision that only vaccinated persons and persons recovered from covid in the past 6 months may participate at CSI2021. As you may imagine, this was a hard decision to make, however it is very important for the safety of the participants and also to comply to local regulations. Thank you for your understanding.

CSI participants of one of the following countries: Albania, Bahrein, Cyprus, Czechia, Northern-Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine,
may enter Hungary. They do not need the SARS-CoV-2 test, instead they need to present their vaccination certificate at the border, and also an official document showing their address in the same country. The templates of the accepted foreign documents can be found at the official website of the Government.

CSI participants of countries not listed above,
may enter Hungary for a cultural event if they
– agree to undergo a medical examination upon entry if necessary, and
– present a medical document in Hungarian or English language containing the negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 PCR test which has been performed within 3 days prior to entering Hungary, and
– present their ticket to the event (i.e. their official certificate of participation at CSI, that will be uploaded to the FILES page in myCSI).

Upon arrival to Tokaj, only those participants will be able to check-in to CSI who present either their certification of vaccination or a medical proof of having recovered from CSI in the past 6 months.

Since regulations may change depending on the actual pandemic situation, to be on the safe side, we recommend buying refundable tickets.

In case there is any change in regulations, we will inform you asap.

Since entering rules to Hungary are very complicated at the moment, therefore we have asked for an official statement regarding participants of CSI, both on entering the country, both on participating at CSI. We hope to receive the official statement in the following days. As soon as we receive it we will inform each student via myCSI Message Board immediately.
We are pleased to announce to be able to hold the 17th Crescendo Summer Institute between 21 July – 2 August 2021, as per the current regulations.
We will keep track of the regulations and changes, and will contact our teachers and applicants via the myCSI Message Board in the coming days.
Should you have questions, please contact us either on the myCSI message board or at
We are continuously working with all our efforts to hold the 17th Crescendo Summer Academy as planned. We strongly hope that the pandemic situation and the local regulations will enable as many of our students as possible to join CSI in Tokaj, Hungary. We try to be up-to-date, and will keep our teachers, students and visitors from abroad informed of changes and opportunities as soon as we have information.
Due to the uncertainties, we recommend not to buy flight tickets yet, or only buy refundable tickets.