FAQ about the application process

What happens if my registration fee doesn't arrive in 8 days? (students only)

Please make the payment of the registration fee asap, because myCSI system will automatically delete your application if your registration fee doesn't arrive in time. In this case we will be very sorry because you will have to fill out a new application all over again and upload the files once more.

When is the application deadline?

You can see the deadlines in our timetable in Apply menu. Please note that application periods start and end at different dates, depending on your chosen role (student / visitor / volunteer).

What does tuition fee discount deadline mean? (students only)

If you submit your application after the deadline, you cannot apply for tuition fee discount.

How can I meet the deadline? How do you know when I've finished my application?

Since myCSI lets you log in, start your application, then log out, and continue some other time, we could never be sure of the point when you no longer want to make changes to your application. This is why you have to decide the point when you don't want to make any more changes, and at this point you have to submit your application on the Summary page. Now we know you are ready, and we can also see if you have met the deadline.

How can I apply for tuition fee discount? (students only)

To apply you have to fill out and submit the myCSI application form. In the Courses page you will be able to apply for tuition fee discount. You have to give a detailed explanation of your need, and upload as many documents as possible to justify your need. Please note: in order to be able to apply for tuition fee discount, you have to submit your application before the tuition fee discount deadline, and you also have to send your feedback before the given date.

How will the Board decide about my tuition fee discount? (students only)

The Board will take into consideration all the information provided by you on the myCSI application form and your tuition fee discount feedback. Please note that in case your feedback arrives after the deadline, you will not be eligible for tuition fee discount.

What is the feedback? (students only)

After submitting your application, you’ll get an email informing you about the tuition fee discount letter available on the website. The feedback is at the bottom of the tuition fee discount letter. Please read our letter carefully.

How do I upload the feedback in myCSI? (students only)

You may either fill out the feedback on your laptop, or print it and fill it out in ink. You can then scan or photo your feedback and upload it to the Files page of myCSI either in pdf, word, jpg or png format.
You will be able to both upload and download files even after you have submitted your application.

Do I have to send my teacher's recommendation? (students only)

Teacher's recommendation is not obligatory, however you may send it if you like.

What kind of demos should I send? (students only)

Either you have to send 3 demos that are audio files, or you may upload links, if you would like us to see your video. If you choose to upload the files, they shouldn't be bigger than 30 MB each.
We suggest your demos are not more than a year old, and preferably of different genre.

How will the Faculty decide about my acceptance? (students only)

The Faculty will take into consideration all the available information provided by you, especially your demos, your CV, and educational background.

How do I know if I am accepted? (students only)

As soon as you are accepted you will receive a message on your Message board.

When will I be accepted? (students only)

The decision about your acceptance will be made in about 2-3 weeks from the moment your registration fee arrives.

When will I be informed about my participation fee?

If you haven't asked for tuition fee discount, you will be informed within 30 days from the moment your registration fee arrives.
If you have asked for tuition fee discount, decision will be made within 30 days from uploading your Feedback.

What amount do I have to pay? Where can I see the details of my calculated total fee?

You can see the fees on our website. As soon as the decision is made about your acceptance and your tuition fee discount, you will be able to see the amount on the Summary page, and the details on the Finances page of your myCSI application.

How can I check the payments I've made?

If you log in to your myCSI account and go to the Finances page, you can see your payments at the bottom of the page. Please note that your payment will appear about 1-2 days after it has arrived to our account.

What if I have to cancel my participation? Can I get back the money I've paid?

Cancellation Policy for students
Cancellation Policy for visitors

Is it possible to participate at CSI for a shorter period only?

Unfortunately in case you cannot participate full-time, we cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted. Please also note that when deciding about tuition fee discount, full-time applicants will be preferred. In case you decide to apply for a shorter period, please contact us via your Message board, and CSI admin can set the dates for you.

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