FAQ about artistic issues

How many lessons shall I have?

Each student will have solo lessons during CSI. The number and duration of these lessons can be different by courses. More information about solo lessons can be found in the course descriptions.  They will also be able to work with collaborative pianists. At some sections there will also be group classes as well. Students will be informed about this at the first teacher-student meeting.

When will I have my solo lessons?

On the first morning of CSI teachers and students will have a meeting to discuss when to have the solo classes.

Will I have the opportunity to perform at concerts?

Each student has the opportunity to perform at the sectional closing concert. Students may also apply to perform at Crescendo-on-the-Streets. Apart from this faculty may offer students some extra performing possibilities.

Can I choose sub-courses as well?

Yes, we are offering several sub-courses to choose from besides your solo lessons, but you may also choose to concentrate on your solo lessons. You will be able to see the sub-courses offered on the website. We usually offer baroque ensemble, chamber music, jazz improvisation, piano four-hands and some special 3-4 day courses of our professors. Your choice will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.

Will I play in the symphony orchestra?

Participating in the symphony orchestra cannot be chosen by students. Participating students will be chosen by the faculty based on needs and skills. Participating students will be informed well before CSI, and they will have obligatory symphony orchestra rehearsals besides their solo lessons.

Can I choose my teacher at CSI?

You may indicate which teacher you would like to choose. Your choice will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I practise during CSI?

There are designated practice rooms in the buildings used by CSI. Apart from these, if you find a free room that isn't being used or hasn't been reserved, you may also use it for practising. You can also practise in the dorm room (except for the night).

Can I choose my chamber music partner(s)?

Yes, you can. If you have preferred partners, please let us know in your application.

Do I have to send piano scores for the staff pianists?

Yes, you do. You may upload the piano scores even after you have submitted your application. You should upload the piano scores latest by 10 June.

When and how will I get the orchestra and chamber music scores?

The scores will be uploaded on the Files page of your myCSI account before the start of CSI, so that you have enough time to prepare and practise.

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