FAQ about practical issues

Are the classes taught in English?

Although our official languages at CSI are Hungarian and English. Our teachers speak different languages. You can find this info on our website on the teacher’s biography page. You also have the opportunity to choose a teacher in the application form.​

As I'll be arriving by plane, is it possible to arrive one or two days earlier?

We can offer accomodation and food from 1st day of CSI to last day of CSI only. Exception: for participants of the Sostenuto Pre-conference we can offer accomodation and food for the extra 2 days as well. In case your plane arrives earlier or leaves later, we suggest you book accomodation in Budapest. It is a beautiful city you shouldn't miss if you visit to Hungary anyway. You'll find travel and accomodation hints on our website

Can I choose my roommates?

Yes, you can. If you have preferred rommates, please let us know in your application. You wish will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed. (E.g. Requests to share room with the opposite sex cannot be fulfilled, except for married couples. Rooms of students under 18, and rooms for families will be in a separate part of the building.)

Can I book my accomodation individually?

Yes, you can. Just choose the I will book individually option in your myCSI application.

I am a parent attendant. What kind of accomodation can I have?

If your child is under 14, you will share a room with your child.
If your child is over 14, we would like to inform you that the dorm is reserved for students, therefore we suggest you book individually. Whether we can offer accomodation in the dorm, it depends on the number of students, and we will be able to inform you about this in June.

Can I organise my food individually?

For students, this is not possible. The reason for this is very simple: Having our meals together is a great opportunity for fellowship, for teachers and students to get to know each other.
On the other hand visitors may choose either to have food with us, or to organize their meals individually. Please note: food can be requested for the whole period of stay only, individual days cannot be organised.

I want to know more about the canteen and the food.

All meals (breakfast lunch, dinner) are served in the canteen of the dormitory, which is situated just opposite the Main Building. There will be buffet breakfast in the morning, 2-3 dishes at lunch and dinner accompanied by a wide range of salads.
Please note that your first meal available will be dinner on the day of your arrival, and your last meal available will be breakfast on the day of your departure.
Please wear your nametag given to you upon check-in, otherwise you will not be served.

I have allergies /I am on a special diet.

You should let us know if you have nuts/peanuts allergy.
Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee meeting special needs. In case of allergy or special need, please contact us at

What shall I take with me to CSI?

We have made a useful list for you.

What is Crescendo Bus?

Crescendo Bus is a direct connection from Budapest Keleti Railway Station and the Budapest Airport to CSI Main Building in Tokaj. It is organised by CSI Office to help those participants, who would like to have a direct, more comfortable access to and from CSI.
For more details, please click here.

Where do I board the Crescendo Bus?

You can board the Crescendo Bus either at Budapest Keleti Railway Station or the Budapest Airport. See details and maps on the website.

How can I find the meeting point for boarding the Crescendo Bus?

You will find photos on the website both for Budapest Airport and Budapest Keleti Railway Station. Our volunteers will be there on the spot to help you. If you have a problem finding the meeting point you can call CSI Office and ask for help.

Why do I have to buy my ticket in advance?

Crescendo Bus is not part of the public transportation system. It is organized by CSI Office, therefore the bus is hired in advance, in accordance with the number of bookings.

How can I get to Tokaj with the public transportation system?

We have collected all the necessary info for you on our website.

Will somebody help me with my luggages when I get to Tokaj Railway Station?

On the first day our volunteers will be at the station to meet you at the arrival of all the intercity trains between 13:00 and 18:30. Should you arrive at some other time, please contact CSI Office.

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