Volunteer contribution to housing and food

Volunteers need to pay for their own travel, and we ask for a contribution to housing and food. We would be glad if you could make this contribution towards CSI.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP? With your donation you can support students in need. See details in the myCSI application form or click here for direct donation.




Dorm room (3-4 persons to a room, no private bathroom): 10€ / person / night
Double room: 35€ / person / night
Single room: 55€ / person / night


In case participation is cancelled after 10 July, housing and food costs are non-refundable.
In case Crescendo Summer Institute cannot be held due to vis maior, fee that has already been paid to us will be fully refunded.

For international volunteers, payments will be accepted in euro only.


Payments can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, or with card on PayPal's site. Click here to see the details
Please don't forget to write your name in the Notes field.