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Dear Friend,      Crescendo Summer Institute provides an excellent opportunity for concentrated work in the performing arts and provides assistance in preparation for exams and auditions. Excellent soloists and members of leading European and American orchestras teach the Crescendo Summer Institute's master classes to intermediate and advanced arts students that join us from more than 25 countries.

CSI is a great opportunity for young people preparing for or considering a career in the arts to study alongside seasoned professional artists in a Christian environment. In addition to courses and private lessons with outstanding teachers, students will have the possibility of participating in the Tune In morning meetings, small group discussions and Sunday church services. The course is open to all qualified young musicians regardless of their faith persuasion, and participation in the religious elements of the course is optional.

On the last four festive days of the Institute, during the Crescendo Festival, a series of concerts are given by our faculty and the best students. Orchestra and chamber concerts, theatre performances, lectures and exhibitions are open to the local public and guests.

We look forward to meeting you at the Crescendo Summer Institute in Hungary this summer,
       Beat Rink Director of Crescendo International   Eszter Dudás President of CSI   Timothy Bentch Dean of the CSI Faculty   Tamás Tarjányi Artistic Director of CSI

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