What is CSI?

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More than music

Crescendo Summer Institute is a masterclass, therefore the goal is to provide professional knowledge and interest to students. However, we would also like to introduce our values to them. We try to do that without putting pressure on them. We just want them to experience that these values are important to us.

We offer the highest level of training and intensive masterclasses for young people to study. We search for teachers from all over the world who share our vision of loving and experiencing something more in music, yet who offer the highest excellence. Students not only have classes, but make connections, learn about the practical issues of career, learn how to live, how to make long term plans. They are young, therefore they need not only techniques, but guidance to help them live.

Our approach is holistic. This means that the issues of the body are very important, as well as the issues of mental health, of character and of spiritual life, because all these significantly influence personality and the making of music. Our goal is to create a platform where we can discuss these things. This is why we have created our Sostenuto programs.

There is big emphasis to bring the community and the people together. Participants not only meet their fellow students day by day, but they actually get to know each other. Small group discussions help them realize they are not alone in their shoes, but others carry the same burdens as well.

CSI is not about competition, not about ego. It's a different way of looking at why you make your art and why you do music, why you devote yourself, so much of your energy towards this thing and thriving for it.

CSI ensures a competition free environment which students don't really find elsewhere. At CSI they get a pause and they also get the possibility to find the real essence of this vocation: what it means to be an artist, how they can pass on the talent they have received, how they can transmit values towards people. These are issues they can't really focus on in the constant competitive environment of their everyday life.

We want students to discover who they are and to discover their inner treasure. And this gives a totally different dynamism which they don't find in their school.

Students come wanting to play hard and be the best. Their perspectives open and they discover that the point is not who is the best, the most talented or the fastest player. Instead they learn to give other people the chance to open up towards each other.

CSI offers one of the few places where participants can truly be connected both at artistic and spiritual level - and this is the highlight of CSI.