What is CSI?

CSI (Crescendo Summer Institute) is a 12-day masterclass intended for devoted students from 14 years, for students at music academies, conservatories, as well as for young emerging professionals. Professional artists and teachers are also welcome to develop their skills.

Throughout the years students had the opportunity to study with seasoned professionals from all over the world such as Stephen Morscheck (bass), Andrea Meláth (mezzo-soprano), Rosemary Hardy  (soprano), Gábor Bretz (bass-baritone), the late Stephen Clapp (violin), Carla Leurs (violin), Beata Halska (violin) and Bernard Le Monnier (violin), Judith Ermert (cello), Marie-Elisabeth Hecker (cello), Christian Studler (flute), József Kiss (oboe), Martin Helmchen (piano), and Balázs Fülei (piano) among others, to achieve the highest levels of artistic excellence in an encouraging and uplifting learning environment where teachers and students can also take part in a rich milieu of spiritual interaction and reflection.

CSI works together with churches from all denominations in the area of sacred music and the interaction of faith and art. The institute also involves interaction with psychologists, theologians and artists from other disciplines providing opportunities for students who choose to participate to grow in their personal and spiritual development. These contributions give the institute a profile that is unique among classical and jazz master courses: attention to whole person, that is, helping young musicians find the inner richness, mental health and self-confidence that they need to succeed.

Crescendo Summer Institute is part of Crescendo International, which dates back to 1985, when Beat Rink, Swiss Reformed pastor and writer decided to network professional artists from all over the world, who are looking for more than music; and who want affirm values in society. Crescendo is a Christian inter-denominational organisation.

In Hungary, Crescendo Summer Institute was founded by tenor Timothy Bentch and violist Eszter Dudás through the Song for the Nations Foundation established in 1995. The main goal of the foundation is to discover and encourage young talents in the arts helping them to grow not only as artists but also in life.

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